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Fully Customized Partnership

Altas Fitness strengthens and extends your club’s brand while providing a reliable health and fitness resource for your members.

Atlas Training Solutions

Founded in 2008, Atlas Fitness has become an industry leader in the outsourced coaching space. Through our Atlas Training Solutions division, we have two different partnership programs designed to help support our business partners. So, whether you are looking to fully outsource your in-house fitness department or you just want to provide a layer of support and extra revenue for your existing team, we have a solution for you.

About Us

Outsourced Program

Atlas Training Solutions provides you, the health club operator, with a professional, turnkey coaching business that results in significantly increased profits from your fitness department.

Advocate Program

The partnership is fully remote. Successfully implemented in 75+ health clubs as of 2022. We'll provide extra support for the existing in-house teams and much more.

Layered Support

We continue to find new ways to make sure that all our team members and customers have the support they need to be successful and to feel valued.


What Sets Us Apart


We have a robust system that supports our club level efforts. This is what separates us from our competitors

We Support Our Team


We nurture leads via weekly newsletters and leverage real-time data to ensure that all new members are contacted within 24 hours. 

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