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Advocate Program

Not all situations call for a completely outsourced solution. The Advocate Partnership is for the owners and operators who want to:

  • Provide extra support for the existing in-house team

  • Add another revenue stream to your business

  • Be able to offer all members a Fitness Consultation with their membership

  • Nurture your membership base via bi-weekly newsletters and other marketing efforts

As with our Fully Outsourced Solution, we pass along a percentage of our revenue to the club
Therefore, there are never any fees for our services.

Fit Girl

The partnership is fully remote.

Successfully implemented in 75+ health clubs as of 2022

We provide Remote Fitness Consultations to your members

  • Educational

  • Convenient

  • Effective

  • Fun

We sell and service remote training and nutrition services

  • Over one million in revenue sold during the first year

  • Supported by TrueCoach

    • Monitored by our Director of Fitness Testing and Programming

    • Nutrition program created by our in-house Registered Dietitian

  • Over a 90% adherence rate from our existing remote clients

  • In-house customer service team handles all customer inquiries

All new members are contacted no later than 24 hours (or next business day)

  • Hubspot

  • Email

  • Phone

We send out bi-weekly training and nutrition related newsletters to your member base

  • This is a free option

Any member who prefers an in-person consultation is referred to the in-house team

  • Our goal is to support your team

See our Remote Coaching website for more information

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