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Frequently Asked Questions

We often get the same few questions, so we thought it’d be a great idea to address them on here.

1. What if there are currently trainers on the staff?

No problem at all. In fact, it’s quite common for there to be an existing staff. If you would prefer that they remain on the team we will make every effort to make that happen. We have had a great deal of success absorbing the existing staff and teaching them our processes. Our compensation plans are very competitive and our company culture is very positive and inviting.

2. What about the existing clients?

We are a guest in your house. So, the last thing we want to do is to disrupt your current members/clients. So, we will grandfather in their rates, etc. if they’d prefer. It isn’t uncommon though for the existing clients to want to switch over to our TFS program.

3. Can you clarify the financial aspect of the Atlas Partnership?

It does not cost anything to partner with us. Your overhead costs will decrease because we handle the expenses associated with the coaching program. Then, we pay you each month based on a percentage of our monthly revenue. This percentage is 20-25%. Year one is 20% and year two and beyond is 25%. So, your overhead and headaches will decrease and you’ll have a solid profit margin from your coaching program.

4. I’m not sure I want to outsource my coaching program, so can you teach me your system?

We can create a custom consulting program for you if you’d prefer. It will vary depending on your wants/needs, travel, etc. However, knowing a system and executing it are two different things. We can provide you with a staffing blueprint, Team Training and Build session program, a thorough review our sales process, etc. But, our secret sauce is found in things such as our continuing education for our staff, our daily activities designed to improve engagement and accountability, our centralized customer service practices…just to name a few. So, why pay us to teach you a program that you may or may not execute effectively when we can come implement it for you and then pay you each month instead?

5. What is the duration of the Atlas Partnership?

Our initial term is a minimum of three years.

6. Can we work with multiple locations?


7. Do I have a say in who you hire to work in my club?

Definitely. If you’d prefer, you can have the final say on who can and cannot join our team. Like we said, we are a guest in your house and we would not hire anyone that you are not comfortable with.

8. What is your open book policy?

We are very transparent. Of course, we will provide you with regular updates pertaining to your coaching program. Also, we will gladly provide you with any client list, financial data, etc. whenever you request it. We do handle all of the customer service issues if they arise, but we will also keep you informed of them as well if you’d prefer. In short, we’re all on the same team and work together to make sure that your business and your members are well taken care of.

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