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Layered Support

As with most successful businesses, we have grown and evolved over the years.

Of course, we are always proactively trying to learn and get better. The industry has changed, technology has opened doors to new possibilities, and operating at scale has often been challenging.

However, what was true back then is still true now… the most important parts of our business are our team members and our customers. So, as we have grown, we have continued to find new ways to make sure that all our team members and customers have the support they need to be successful and to feel valued.

Pulling Rope

1. Review every program that coaches create for our clients

  • We use TrueCoach with every client. This allows us to review their program, monitor their progress, and easily communicate with them directly


  • The programs are reviewed by our Director of Fitness Testing and Programming

2. Have an in-house Registered Dietitian that implements and monitors our nutrition coaching programs

  • Also supported by the Precision Nutrition ProCoach program

3. Provide monthly exercise focused continuing education for our coaches

  • Our Director is also an Exercise Science professor

  • Review case studies, discuss common issues, etc

4. Have a 30 day on-boarding process for new coaches

5. Have a customer service team that supports our customers

  • All new customers receive customer service info at POS

  • We send out quarterly surveys to our customers to receive feedback and improve our services

6. Have a remote sales team that helps our on-site coaches build their client base

  • Our remote Fitness Consultations generated over one million in revenue in 2021

7. Have appointment setters that help our coaches set Fitness Consultations

8. Conduct daily team calls to review sales activities

  • Review Team scoreboard

  • Discuss goals for the day

  • Address any challenges

9. Utilize Hubspot to help our sales team stay organized and efficient

  • All members are contacted with 24 hours of joining the health club

  • Allows members to schedule their own Fitness Consultations

  • Structured follow-up system

10. Have competitive compensation plans for coaches that incentive both sales and service

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