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First and foremost, our programs are science-based and results-driven. We want to help your members look better, feel better, move better, have more confidence, improve their health, make positive lifestyle changes, and have fun.
With our TFS program, our average client will visit your club between three and four times per week. With the Team training classes consistently going on, the semi-private training being offered throughout the day, fitness consultations constantly taking place, and new members enjoying our seven-day experience… there’ll be a definite excitement, energy, and coaching “feel” in your club. The high usage rate, member results, referrals, etc. will also have a tremendous impact on your member retention statistics. And of course, more coaching clients equals more profits for you.
We do offer an a la carte menu of services, but the foundation of our program is what we call TFS.

TFS: The Total Fitness Solution

The Total Fitness Solution (TFS) incorporates the three main components of any fitness program. We call it the Three Pillars of Fitness. Nutrition, Strength Training, and Cardio. Whether your member’s goals are to lose weight, get stronger, feel better, have more energy, improve overall health, compete in athletics, or anything else for that matter…the Three Pillars of Fitness will be vital to their success. With our Total Fitness Solution, we provide them with all three. Not only do we provide them with a complete roadmap to follow, work alongside them every step of the way, and make sure that they have a great time on their journey….we provide it at just a fraction of the cost of what each of these services would be individually.


The Backbone of our TFS program is the semi-private personal training sessions where the focus is on strength training. All TFS programs include either 1, 2, or 3 semi-private personal training sessions per week. We call our semi-private training sessions Build.


Team Training is included with all of our TFS programs. All TFS clients have UNLIMITED access to team training sessions. The team training sessions are focused on cardio, core, mobility, and recovery. There are three different team training sessions that we will initially include on the weekly schedule: Burn, Base, and Metcon.


All TFS programs also include nutrition coaching. For Nutrition Coaching, we offer the Precision Nutrition ProCoach program. This is an extremely interactive habit-based program that is focused on education and creating a lifestyle change. We also offer an IIFYM based nutrition program for the small percentage of clients interested in a more “bodybuilding” type approach to nutrition.

The Three Main TFS options:

• One Build Session per week + Unlimited Team Training + Nutrition Coaching
• Two Build Sessions per week + Unlimited Team Training + Nutrition Coaching
• Three Build Sessions per week + Unlimited Team Training + Nutrition Coaching

The Seven Day Experience:

After their consultation, we encourage all members to take advantage of our free seven-day experience. This allows them to try out all of our Team Training options and participate in a Build session.

Monthly Assessments:

We all know that what gets measured, gets results. Therefore, we provide free fitness assessments to ALL of your members every month. So, every one-year membership that you sell at your club will now at the very least include a Fitness Consultation, a Seven Day Experience, and 12 fitness assessments.
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