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Outsourced Program

Atlas Training Solutions provides you, the health club operator, with a professional, turnkey coaching business that results in significantly increased profits from your fitness department.


You can benefit from our unique perspective and extensive club experience

The principles at Atlas Training Solutions have been in your position as club owners and are able to view the business from your perspective.

We understand the club business is both capital and time-intensive and is especially dependent upon hiring and training quality individuals. We understand that you work hard trying to not only increase your dues base, but also the revenue from each of your profit centers.


Why partner with Atlas Training Solutions to operate your Coaching Department?

With Atlas Training Solutions operating your PT department you can focus more of your time and energy on the successful operation of your core business: new membership sales and retention.

Being able to rely upon experts in the business of Coaching provides you with the peace of mind that your members are receiving consistent, courteous, professional service and you are realizing increased revenue from this
very important profit center.

How much does it cost to partner with Atlas?

Nothing. There is no financial commitment of any kind on your part to have AF Training operate your Coaching Department. In fact, Atlas Training Solutions does all the heavy lifting for you! We pass along a percentage of every dollar we generate in your club to you.

Atlas Training Solutions handles all aspects of the process for you, including staffing, payroll, sales and marketing, customer service, billing, and of course the actual servicing of your members.

What makes Atlas Training Solutions your best choice
to operate your Coaching Department?

Here are just a few of the many reasons to consider:
1. Founded in 2008, we are one of the largest and most experienced organizations in our industry

2. We have a vast corporate structure in place to support on in-club efforts

3. We utilize the latest technology to best organize our efforts, service our clients, and operate efficiently

4. Use of a standardized, turnkey system proven to create profits in any club, including yours

5. A strategic partner mindset; we view our role as supporting your efforts, not ours. We believe a “rising tide floats all boats”, and our success is dependent upon yours

6. Use of a Value Creation Selling approach that is respectful of your members and is always empathetic to their needs

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