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Structured for Success

We understand that completely outsourcing the training department is not a good fit for some club owners and operators.

  • Management has the time, resources, and desire to manage the PT department

  • There is a great team already in place

  • Sales have proven to be a challenge

    • Expensive to hire a proven salesperson

    • Sales training can be hit or miss and costly

    • Knowing what to sell or how to sell it can be complicated

We can handle the PT sales for you and we can do it for Free!


As we all know, 2020 was a challenging year for everyone. The health club industry was hit especially hard. However, adversity often begets innovation. We were forced to convert our tried-and-true sales process into a remote offering. And, before long it was clear that we had stumbled upon a better way to do things.


Even in our fully outsourced clubs, we offer the remote Fitness Consultation option. Why?

  • Our remote FC is designed with the primary goal being member retention

    • Education-focused with an emphasis on strength training, nutrition, and cardio

      • The primary objective is to teach your members how to best utilize your facility to reach their health and fitness goals

    • More Convenient = higher set and show percentage

      • Members can do the consultation from the comfort of their own home, work, etc. 

    • We leverage technology to make sure that all your members are contacted regularly

      • All new members are emailed, called, and texted within 24 hours of joining your club

      • Members can self-schedule their Fitness Consultation

      • Your entire membership base will be enrolled in our automated marketing campaigns and those leads will be nurtured throughout the life cycle of our working relationship

What are the basics of this arrangement?

  • We handle the sales

    • 90+% of what we sell in are 12-month agreements. The goal is to build your residual revenue and the best way to do this is with long-term agreements. We also believe that long-term programs are in the best interests of our training clients

  • We split the revenue 

    • We take a small % of everyone we sign up, you receive the rest

    • The remits are automatically split, so there is never a need for either party to pay the other

  • Is there a long-term commitment?

    • There is a minimum of three months. This gives us enough time to get a feel for your specific club and to tailor our process to fit your members.

      • Three months will give us enough time to cycle through your entire member base at least once

    • If you want to take advantage of our full marketing capabilities, we suggest working with us for at least a year

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